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Victoria Secret - Secret Garden Scents SAMPLES - NEW SCENTS ADDED!!


VS Secret Garden Samples - Get them NOW only at My Dressing Barn

Samples for sale !!!
Only at My Dressing Barn :)

Love to try Victoria Secret Garden but not sure which scents is for you?
Don't want to spend on a whole bottle only find out the scent doesn't suit you?

Limited ... so hurry !!

Current scents available :
Pure Seduction x4
Love Spell x1
Amber Romance x5
Vanilla Lace - OUT OF STOCK
Berry Kiss - OUT OF STOCK
Sweet Temptation - OUT OF STOCK
Delicate Petals X1
Strawberry & Champagne- OUT OF STOCK
Romantic Wish X1
Fresh Cherry Blossom X1
Warm Coconut X2
Soft Raspberry X5
Pear Glace X2
Secret Charm - OUT OF STOCK
Enchanted Apple - OUT OF STOCK
Secret Crush X5
Pretty in Pink X1
Endless Love x2
Lemon Paradise X1
Mango Temptation X3
Island Water X2
Lost in Fantasy X1
Amber Romance MIDNIGHT x4
Pure Seduction MIDNIGHT x1

SPECIAL PRICING (as requested by most of you)
RM5/jar (1-10 jars)
RM4.50/jar (11-20 jars)
RM4/jar for above 20 jars !!
Thank you.

Victoria's Secret - Where scents makes you!!

Scent Desc

Amber Romance
A warm alluring blend of black cherry, cream anglaise and sandalwood

Berry Kiss
Tempting confection of wild raspberry, praline and rose.

Delicate Petals
A fresh, luxurious fusion of sweet tangerine, soft velvet rose and warm musk.

Endless Love
An irresistible blend of pomegranate and apple blossom with peach and ylang-ylang

Love Spell
A lavish blend of cherry blossom, muguet, red apple and Georgia peach, with hints of tamarind and blondewood

Pear Glace
A sparkling blend of pear nectar, cassis and violet, with hints of muguet and sandalwoo

Pure Seduction
An enticing blend of casaba melon, plum and freesia

Romantic Wish
A delightfully delicate marriage of fresh pomegranate, freesia and peony

Strawberry & Champagne
An intoxicating blend of strawberries, hyacinth, cassis, white flowers and sandalwood

Sweet Daydream
Juicy apple with a flirtatious combination of crisp raspberries and warm vanilla

Sweet Temptation
A luscious citrus-floral fusion of apricot, grapefruit and lily of the valley

Vanilla Lace
A rich sensual blend of vanilla and orchid, with hints of amber and musk.

Shaz - all 13 scents - PAID
Vina - 10 scents - Pure Seduction, Love Spell, Warm Coconut, Secret Charm, Delicate Petals, Vanilla Lace, Berry Kiss, Romantic Wish, Amber Romance, Strawberry & Champagne - PAID
Erda - 2 scents - Love Spell, Soft Raspberry - PAID
Leen - 5 scents - Vanilla Lace, Sweet Tempation, Delicate Petals, Secret Charm, Sweet Daydream - PAID
NOMI - 10 scents - Pure Seduction, Love Spell, Vanilla Lace, Berry Kiss, Sweet Temptation, Delicate Petals, Straw & Champ, Romantic Wish, Secret Charm, Soft Raspberry- PAID
Ummi-2 scents - Vanilla Lace, Soft Raspberry - PAID
Clover - 5 Scents - Love Spell, Secret Charm, Fresh Cherry Blossom, Soft Rasp & Berry
Kiki- Romantic Wish, Secret Charm, Pure Seduction- PAID
Zulaikha - 4 scents - Strawberry & Champagne, Vanilla Lace, Secret Charm, Warm Coconut
Sza-Sza - Fresh Cherry Blossom, Soft Raspberry
Anne - 4 scents - Vanilla Lace, Romantic Wish, Strawberry & Champagne, Berry
Sandy - ALL 14 SCENTS
Wawa-Pure Seduction, Love Spell x2,Amber Romance,Vanilla Lace,Berry Kiss,Sweet Temptation x2,Delicate Petals,Strawberry & Champagne,Romantic Wish x2,Secret Charm x2,Fresh Cherry Blossom x3,Warm Coconut,Soft Raspberry, Pear Glace - PAID
Xiao Ting - 5 scents - vanilla lace ,berry kiss , sweet temtation , delicate petals , romantic wish - PAID
Shea R-all scents exp PS & S/C - PAID
Letty - All Scents

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  1. hi there,can i get vs sample for pure seduction,pear glace,love spell,amber romance,be seduced,lost in fantasy,berry kiss,sheer love and ravishing you still have all of that stock for those every fragrances-anna


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