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My Dressing Barn : NEWS & UPDATES

Dear All,

We just wanted to say thank you so much for all your entries in our recent contest :)

We are in the midst of going through all your entries. Reading through all your valuable comments & suggestions. Truly amazing when others give their opinions. I LOVE IT !!!

I shall be announcing the winner within this week, so wait for it ok?

As for our new makeover, we have taken a few of your suggestions like removing the huge samples banner at the top of the page and putting it on the sidebar. We have also added a few more items to our DROP DOWN MENU.

Now a lot of you are STILL NOT aware of your drop down menu right?

Here is what I mean :)

This is our menu option

For example.. if you're looking for Victoria Secret items....

... choose Victoria Secret and a drop down menu will appear :)

If you are looking for Victoria's Secret MIST/EDT/Lotion, etc...

... choose Victoria's secret - Secret Garden Collection - then your choice of either mist, edt, lotion, etc etc

We also have menu for all the other famous brands like GUESS, Liz Claiborne, Aeropostale, La Senza, and so much more !!!

For buying according to CATEGORY....

.. chose the last option on the right... SHOP BY CATEGORY.
You can now look for bags, gift sets, lipgloss, tees, shoes... its all there :)

Not that's easy shopping isn't it???

Ok.. now back to our stocks.
We have 2 boxes of shipment that just arrived from USA.

Mainly tees from Aeropostale and GUESS.
Jewelleries such as necklaces, bracelet and earrings from GUESS
Wallets from Liz Claiborne, Aigner, etc
Victoria Secret gifts ...
and so much more !!!

We will be taking pictures soon and will be putting them up for sale as soon as we can.
So stay tuned for those great stuff ok?

In the meantime, Happy Shopping !!

Love always,
My Dressing Barn

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