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Nor Farina Abd Moktar (29th Jan 2011)hy.. i da terima brg2 2.. thanx ... i likeee... hehehe... very3 sweet.

Noor Azlenna (29th Jan 2011)
dah sampai semalam.. thanx... i sembur satu opis... hahahah best bau nye..

Ratna Marliza (28th Jan 2011)
dah received tq

umie chiya (29th Jan 2011)
sha...i dh dpt my berry kiss thanx a lOt

Susan Ngau (28th Jan 2011)
Received the good today. Thanks!

Wawa Asmara (28th Jan 2011)
hi sha....i've received d parcel last 2 weeks...hheheh..likeee d body mist sooo much...thanksss sha

Azlyna Kasim (28th Jan 2011)
hi sha, i've got the stuff already. actually, it came yesterday but my mom wasn't home so went to collect from poslaju depot today. am sooo happy!! :-) remember me ok? coz i'll be buying from you again soon. 

nadira diana (23rd Jan 2011)got my parcel already and the balance :)
thanks so much!

Ct Haris (21st Jan 2011)
Hi sha, I dah rcv my item... tq!!!

naimah othman (17th Jan 2011)
sha, MIST baru dpt tadi.. semalam cuti hrjadi Sultan Kedah..
TQ ya :)

nurul nazri (17th Jan 2011)
i dah dpt beg yg sgt cantik dan besar tu this morning...tqvm ye... :D 

Liza Zul (15th Jan 2011)
Hey Sha, Just nak update u that i have successfully received the wallet, and really love it :)
Cumer I raser will take time to get used to it...card n notes  slots dier mcm banyak gegiler... :) Thanks babe :)

Rohaida Idris (14th Jan 2011)
sori Sha, lmbat reply...EDT arrived safely on Jan 12. Thanks a lot. love them very much.

Sharnaquiah Azureen (13th January 2011)i just receive the items!! thanks!!
will proceed with another one! :D

Haslinda A (12th Jan 2011)
hi dear, i already received the parcel…. thanks.. Luv it ;)

Eiza Gwiyeoun (12th jan 2011)
i dh dpt berry kiss u order.dpt semlm.nsb i blk kg..tq ye sha

Ieda Riz (12th Jan 2011)
neway bag ri tu dah sampaii...OMG!!! so nice la but agak besar sedikit :D tp i loike it so much 

Atiqah Mohamad (6th Jan 2011)tiqa dah dapat.. tiqa collect dr pos opis sbb semalam xder kat uma.. seriously i love those smell!! nice and sweet sgt2.. huhu thanks sis

Sharnaquiah Azureen (6th Jan 2011)
i just received my item! :D
thank you!

Fafa (5th Jan 2011)Hi sha,
Got the mist yesterday. Tqvm :)

CheChe Shalynn (5th Jan 2011)
sha..i dh received my items.tqvm :)

Sharnaquiah Azureen (5th Jan 2011)
sis i already receive the items!! pure seduction body mist & the sample jar :D
thank you!! :D

Hazlin A (29th Dec 2010)Hi dear, I was so busy with the holidays that I forgot to tell you I've received the items.
Thanks so much, I simply love the EDT I bought. I look forward to buying from you again :)
Anyway, I hope you had a great Christmas :) Happy new year~

Siti Yumni (29th Dec 2010)
Dear...VS tu I dh dpt k...thnx :)
Will buy from u again....

Reeya AM (22nd Dec 2010)hi sha...gud pm
gudnews n i'm hapi...brang dh smpai...i lov it dear,tanx...hihi

Ewd (21st Dec 2010)
hi sha,
rcvd da item... tQ :D

Saraswathy J (20th Dec 2010)
thanks so much Sha, i love the bag cant wait to flaunt it

Ann Edward (16th Dec 2010) 
hi Sha, already received those 4 item safely yesterday afternoon.
TQ VERY MUCH..... ;)

Hanita Jaafar (15th Dec 2010) 
dear body mist dah smpai
tq ek akk bli

AzirahWI (15th Dec 2010) 
hi sha..i dah receive brg yg u gk bau.. :)
nxt time suggestkan i bli yg lain plak yk.selain pure seduction n berry kiss.

Nurul Nazri (14th Dec 2010)
 Sha, lupa nak update, I dh dpt body mist tu...heheh :p tq

Jaja Aziz  (14th Dec 2010)

sha, i've received d parcel today... Thanx a lot yaaa!

Nur Sabrina (14th Dec 2010)
 Received it already! Love it! you make me scream infront of the posmen! haha! ♥

Rosie Posie (14th Dec 2010)

 Sha, all items received today... tq dear!! :P

Hana (13th Dec 2010) 
Hi Sha, I've received the item today. Supposed to i get it on Friday, since i'm not at home, they leave the card in my letter box. and today i collected it from the post office. I'm happy with ur service and many thanks.

syahirah azhar (10th Dec 2010)hey dear,
i've received the body mist.loved it! :)
thanks and have a nice friday and weekend ahead! :)

Mak EP (9th Dec 2010) 
sha!! purse dah dpt!!! yeay!!

Engku Ili (9th Dec 2010)

Goods received today. Thanks!

Siti Shalwany (3rd Dec 2010)
the Estee I dah dapat..very nice....worth buying... so far I tak pernah regret what I bought from MDB...I am One satisfied and happy customer...:)

Diyana Sahid (3rd Dec 2010)
sha...dh dpt body mist tu hr ni...ermmm...mayb sampai smlm but my hubby n me was working from home yesterday :D
tks ya...

Yuhanis Yasin (2nd Dec 2010)
hai sha...
barang sudah smpai...
tq ye

Noreen Abdul Rahim (30th Nov 2010)
Hi dear, Rcvd the scents. Sweeeeet J I love the glitters!
Are there any new stocks coming in?
Btw, thanks for the first class service!
Have a nice day :)

Mashittah (29th Nov 2010)
Hai Sha,
I received my lipgloss already
And I love it ^^ Thanx ya

Wan Rohayati (28th Nov 2010)
sha the great, dh sample lah parcel akak tu...mantop..TQVM ;) dh dapat VS ultimate make up tu...kelass gitu...flip flop tu pun not bad...thanks a lot ;)

Aishah K (28th Nov 2010)
Dear, I have received d berry kiss set. TQ

Ikha Z (28th Nov 2010)
dh dpt.. tq ;) ...

Julia T (26th Nov 2010)
hye sha...i da received bdy mist da...thanks

EE (23rd Nov 2010)
Dear Sha,
i have received the body mist...
thank u...thank u...thank u so much...

Leenda (20th Nov 2010)
Rceived d item Od

Butt3rfly (20th Nov 2010)
Dear Sha...I have received ur parcel...
Thank u so much..
Well, dis one gonna b my next order.. ;-) please confirm d availability k...
1 pcs - Shimmer collection secret charm body mist
1 pcs - Shimmer collection travel mist love spell

N Syazwani Hillmy (18th Nov 2010)
Hi Sha, I just want to inform u that I have received the items today. Tq so much :)

Mak Enon (16th Nov 2010)
sha...encik dah receive brg yg akak order aritu...thanks ye!

rin love (16th Nov 2010)
Hi Sha,
Glad to inform you that I've received my items today. :)
Thank You

Sazana (15th Nov 2010)
dear sha, thank you..
i have receive the package...
thank you very much...
excited more on the product..
can wait to hear from you soon..

Siti Shalwany (13th Nov 2010)
Sha gotten the bags yesterday..TQ..sangat2 gorgeous..:)

Azlina (12th Nov 2010)
Hai, received my bag today. TQ so much !

Noor SJ (12th Nov 2010)
Received! Thank you :)

Yaya M (11th Nov 2010)
receive my bag n love it! thanks a lot! ^^

Norsafarina A (11th Nov 2010)
Sha barang smlm dh smpi......cute la case lipgloss tue....suka sgt..hehehe....tq ya sha...sok tunggu beg plak:p

Ina (10th Nov 2010)
ok tq Sha...brg yg smlm dh selmt sampai...TQ

Nik Nur Izzati (10th Nov 2010)
babe, brg dh smpi.thanx!

Nicole Nicole (9th Nov 2010)
Hey Sharon ,
I received the bag this afternoon . It's really nice =) really like it ! Thank u so much for Everything =)

bubu steph (3rd Nov 2010)
yoohoo dear~ got my parcel ler :D
thank you so much!

Rory V (3rd Nov 2010)
Hi, I've received the package already. Thank u

Ojai (3rd Nov 2010)
Hi sis.. brg dh smp.. tp sedihnya island water tu bottle die defect ckit la.. kemek kat bhgn tepi :(

azie myumi (3rd Nov 2010)
already go the items.
quite like manggo temptation and enchanted apple
ader travel size utk mist x yg ni?

Yuhanis Yasin (2nd Nov 2010)
hai sha..
ok brg dah sampai semalam...
tq so much ...

MrsShehan Nordin (2nd Nov 2010)
Sha, I have received my berry kiss today!
Thanks :-)

lina kutak (1st Nov 2010)
dah sampai tq

SaneiI (1st Nov 2010)
Hi Sha,
Da dpt items dgn selamat, thank you~
Sori update lmbt, bru pegi amik td, hee :)

azreen rozlan (28th Oct 2010)
hye u!  i bought body mist  from you. I receive it yesterday but just open the package today.
The smell is totally superb but unfortunately when I try spraying it nothing happen.I found out the head of the bottle is disfunctional. So how eh?cannot use la cani.
*** after giving instruction on how to fix the problem...
==> hye u!
dah boleh!puas i pusing2 kepale dia.hahaha..thanks ya!hope to buy other things from u in the future~~!!
sgt berpuas ati! (>_<)

reen Azreen (28th Oct 2010)
dear.... TQ soo much....just received your parcel on late afternoon.nice to deal with u...soon i catch u again for dealing those VS collection
TQ AGAIN...........~  :)

heyy sha :D i've got itt.thank youu <3 :)

Celestina EJ (27th Oct 2010)
Hi sha i received the bag. Tq

Siti S (26th Oct 2010)
hi the bag and's gorgeous and my officemates went nuts looking at the i asked them to add you....the bag is HOT!!!! thanks so much....

lina kutak (26th Oct 2010)
dah dapat. tq :)

Ojai (25th Oct 2010)
Hi sis. lupe nk inform u. brg i dh smp last saturday. tqvm :-)

iqwa (22nd Oct 2010)
Babe.da dpt!! Tq tq :)

parveen sharma (21st Oct 2010)
Hi Sha...just to let u know i received the package yesterday...thanks u so much i love it!!!...have a great day :)

affidatul (18th Oct 2010)
dear,lupe nk bgtau brg dh smpai..hehe..thank you

Ellora Nora (14th Oct 2010)
hi there,
just received the items. love the tops.
nice dealing with you. thanks!

Nisha Zainal (14th Oct 2010)
Dah dapat! Thankss! Fast service. :)

Kookie Chiva (13th Oct 2010)
hi there!! Package received.. salamat po.

Noreen AR (13th Oct 2010)
Hi dear,
I already rcvd my pckg around 11.30am. Sorry for the slight delay in modem buat hal huhu..
Don’t hve the time to try out yet. Been really busy today L
Anyway, everything is in excellent condition.
Still contemplating on the VS pants btw haha :P
Thanks a lot & hve a great weekend ahead J

Marina (12th Oct 2010) my VS bag & Kissing in Paris. Im lovin it!! Thanksss!

cflim248 (11th Oct 2010)
Very prompt on delivery and follow up on goods received been done closely with customer. Comfortable on purchase via internet.

norza ezma (10th Oct 2010)
sha...saya dah dapat 

Tele Tubbies (10th Oct 2010)
Hi, I've received the item and the change. Very nicely packed. Thank you very much.

julia (9th Oct 2010)
Hi sis, item receive oready. Tq.. :)

Raja Mariam (8th Oct 2010)
Dear Sha
i have already received the shipment. tq
regard, raja mariam

Yuhanim Yahaya (7th Oct 2010)
Hi Sha,  
I've received the item last Tuesday... thank you...

zahidah wahid (7th Oct 2010)
parcel dah sampai...thanx sis...

kaylea (7th Oct 2010)
i already received them. thanx! ;)

Nik Nur (6th Oct 2010)
Body mist dah sampai. Thanks!
Pls put me on the waiting list for VS Pure Seduction Body Butter ya :)

diyana yana (5th Oct 2010)
good evening..
i have received my parcel this morning.. :)

Shasha (5th Oct 2010)
hye sharon,
i just received my parcel from poslaju.
ur service is great and super fast delivery, go on.. Many thanks =)

Elyn (4th Oct 2010)
Babe items received  ~ thanks alot.

nicole (1st Oct 2010)
hey there sharon, got your keychain today.
thanks. it's perfect :)

^CuAK^ (1st Oct 2010)
Hi Sha,
I dah received both items.. My wife really like it.. Terima kasih banyak2.. InshaAllah akan kembali buat pembelian dgn Sha.

ahmad effendy (1st Oct 2010)
Hi  Sha,
i have received the item and everything is ok.

Sue Ann (30th Sept 2010)
Hey babe, i got the stuff already fyi. It's great! Thanks loads :)

Princess (30th Sept 2010)
received the parcel...haiyooo...somehow i don't like the body butter smell on time must switch back to lotion...
neway,thanks sha

liz liz (30th Sept 2010)
Darling Sha!
Received the parcel juz now..u bg feedback yg cepat,and brg pun sgt cepat smpai.. :)
tq for the best superb efficient services!
Definitely shop with u again!!!

Nurul Nadia (29th Sept 2010)
hi there..i already got both item..tqvm..

Princess KeRoLiNa (28th Sept 2010)
sha,just received the smells great!!love it!!for me much better than pure seduction!

Norza Ezma (28th Sept 2010)
i dah dpt shampoo tu...tq

hani hasniza (26th Sept 2010)
hi.. dah receive parcel tu..thanks k..
nak tanya sikit.. vs mist yang mane sesuai untuk lelaki..ingat nak belikan utk my husband..

Jayzmeene (26th Sept 2010)
Hai Sha,
I received the parcel already, yesterday. Sorry being late to inform you..
Anyway, I love the midnight scents especially Love Spell!!
tQ so much for the efficient service..
Pls bring more VS scents.) tQ~~

suriaFW (25th Sept 2010)
Dear Sha,
Juz received the bag dis morning.....its so cute and i luv it so much..Thanks yaa...

Luv; Suria.

Noor Syazwani  (25th Sept 2010)
Hi Sha,
I have received the parcel today. Thank you so much!
Will definitely shop with u again :)
Till then, take good care.

maxx picasso (23rd Sept 2010)\Hi Sha,
I received the samples today.
Thanks ya, its a great pleasure doing business with you.
Have a nice day and see you again! :)

liza zul (22nd Sept 2010)
Sha dear...
I have received the VS Sample, with Thanks ! Hehehe..
owh ya...for any orders..let say im ordering many kan......postage u caj berapa?
And if COD sendiri also bole kan? =)

sairee (22nd Sept 2010)
I Love Pink dah selamat received on tuesday dan dah guna pon angkut kuih raya naik flight.hehe..lajulah u hantar..terkejut I...tq so much!
Sorry lbt reply..had long holiday :)..

anybody (21st Sep 2010)
Hye sha. My mom received the parcel just now and she said its lovely. Gonna check them out when im home. Thanks ya !

Noreen AR (21st Sep 2010)
Hi Sha,
Just got my stuff. I loike :)
Anymore stock coming in, dear? Wanna add to my collection  :)
Thanks a lot & have a nice day!
iqwa (20th Sept 2010)
Hiiii!! Da dapat da!! Tq babe :) :)

seridhalila hermani (20th Sept 2010)
ive received the packge last week.. sorry lmbt update.
TQ ya.

ismah (18th Sept 2010)
Hi Sha,
received the EDT today!! Thankss so much! And oh, thanks for the sample also :D

Wan Nor Akmal (17th Sept 2010)
Hi there!! Ive already received the eiffel charm! I lovee it! Thanks alot! ;)) do update me if u have new charm in store k ;))

Xiu WeN (17th Sept 2010)
HI Sha, as confirm with my family, they had recieve it.
cant wait to open my parcel tonight  :D
thanks lot..will update u again once i use it.
nice trading with u.
will definately continue buy from u and intro to others :)

rin love (15th Sept 2010)
hi sha, i've received the parcel yesterday.. lovin it.. love the love spell midnight.. so sweet.. so yummy~.. lol.. will definitely come back for more.. also do dont i?
anyway thanks ya sha..

Fely (15th Sept 2010)
Dear Sha,
I've received the body mist today. I love it so much. Thanks alot!! Hope to deal with you again in future. Cheers!
Thanks & Regards, Fely

joanjoelin (14th Sept)
very fast delivery and good seller.. :)

naimah othman (14th Sept 2010)
hai sha, just received my parcel safely.many thanks!! =)

sarina safei (14th Sept 2010)
Darl, i've already received VS body mist. Nice packaging.. :-)
thanx 4 da gift ya .. ;-)

Syahira Fauzan (9th Sept 2010)
hi sharon.
thanks dear for the consolation prize. i just received it yesterday's eve.what a lovely gifts. i love it so much.

farhanin abdullah (8th Sept 2010)
Hi, this is the 2nd time i win prizes from u .. the first time is gloss waaa so excited to be the grand prize winner. and still cannot believe it why> bcoz mobs and my dressing barn have so manyyyyy followers.. and i still cant believe
this is totaally grand and i m sure i will love it
i will go back to kampung tomoroow evening hope cn clbrte my raya with the bag ;)
thank u thank u many thanks
sha and my dressing barn
love u both!

Noreen Abdul Rahim (6th Sept 2010)
Hi sha!
Just rcvd the parcel. The accessories are lovely. Hope u’ll sell more of these ;D Thanks a lot dear :D

alex anie (5th Sept 2010)
hey sha. i da dapat. the smell so nice. thanks =)
Jayzmeene Martin (5th Sept 2010)
Hai Sha,
I received the package yesterday;) thanks for the efficient service and gift in the package;)

ain aignies (4th Sept 2010)
nice to deal with u darl.i will buy more for u again :)

Julia saayon (3rd Sept 2010)
hye sha
i've got ur parcel this morning,
thanks so much...

naimah othman (1st Sep 2010)
hai sha! parcel dah sampai..thnks! =)

zela azni nahizan (30th Aug 2010)
Hello Sha,
I received the parcel today :)
cute packaging!!! nice dealing with you, will definitely buy from u again. thank you so much. dear..

seridhalila (30th Aug 2010)
Morning Sha,
Ive received my almost nude body mist.. tqvm

Kookie (28th Aug 2010)
hi sha, how are you.. nway just want to let you know that i already received the package. thnks a lot. till my next order :D

Nur Dayana (23rd Aug 2010)
Hi Sha,
Item receive and I love it! TQVM

sairee (21th Aug 2010)
Hi, Sha,
Receive it already on Friday..Tqvm!

Farah Diyana (18th Aug 2010)
hi dear, i have received my item yesterday
all smell good!!
Thanks so much ya =)

noornadiah (18th Aug 2010)
hye sis..thx da salah send la...ari 2 i order vanilla lace tp yg smpi love xpe...bau yg ni pn i suke...thx a lot

afiqah baharuddin (16th Aug 2010)
hye sha,,item da smpai jumaat ari tu lg,,thnx ye :)

NATASHA FARINA (16th Aug 2010)
Hi Sha, no more blue monday today because of my island waters have arrived. thanks for cheering up my day with the sweet scent...nice & good packaging dear. im lovin it.......thx a lot my dear..

gia zakaria (14th Aug 2010)
goods receive!!loved it...tqvm

norza (12th Aug 2010)
sha...body mist dah smp....tq

JR (12th Aug 2010)
Hai dear, nak infrm u brg dah sampai. Br je, thnks ya.

ERNIE BINTI CHE MID (11th Aug 2010)
hi. i already got my item.. thnks ye..

nurul weeda (7th Aug 2010)
hi Sha, i've received the parcel yesterday. (should be on Tuesday. but long story short,that's my bad.) anyway,
i just wanna say, i'm happy doing business with you. thanks! :)

ely suhaili (6th Aug 2010)
HI Sha,
Received my parcel just now. Thanks yaaa..
Cheers, Elly

naimah othman (5th Aug 2010)
ha, dah dpt parcel td.. thnks so much! love it

risa H (5th Aug 2010)
i just received text from my sis..ur parcel already delivered. tq

Norazura Azura (5th Aug 2010)
Hi babe..
i received the VS lotion.Thanks!
i really love the smell.. ;D

ainul azila (4th Aug 2010)
Hye, the bag delivered yesterday. n i love it!! so so so much!! thanx Sha ;)

Sarmilah Yop (3rd Aug 2010)
hi dear....
i just received my bd mist...tqvm....

ugly phanthera (1st Aug 2010)
hi dear..
all items received in a great condition... =)
thanks for freegift too..

Mimie Amer (30th July 2010)
hye sha! i've receieved the parcel.. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. suke! thanksss alot! :)

Rin Love (30th July 2010)
Hye Sha,
I've tried exactly what u said. It worked :) Dah ok dah, TQ so much sha :)
U not only sell the products but also provide after- sales service. Thumbs up to My Dressing Barn :)

JR (27th Jul 2010)
hai dear, rceivd my parcel already this evening.
Luv the cute lip also.

crystal letshweny (27th July 2010)
hey hun, i received the package 2day, love 'em
thanks boo, take care il miss you!!!

ls_ec (27th July 2010)
hi sha..received the parcel..thanks a lot..

Hye babe!I already got my parcel today!All items are fabulous!Love it so much!Nice shopping with u!Tqqq!Happy weekend!;)
Love, AJA

fida dida (19th July 2010)
hai dear.
sy dah dapat parcel
memang wangi2 la.hehe..
thanks ya. =)

sal fe (17th Jul 2010)
hai sis..barg dh selamt sampai..tq =)

Julia saayon (13th July 2010)
hi sha
i got ur body mist
and its amazing
thanks sha
happy toshop with u...
thanks a lot...

miera (8th June 2010)
already got the edt..thankss! really love the scent.. =)

Hana (4th June 2010)
Hi sharon,
Just received my VS body mist. Very nice. TQ! I likeee......

Nurul Nadia (4th June 2010)
hi sha..i baru je dapat my VS mist..thnx so much ya..

Sanae Ittsui (28th May 2010)
Hi Sha,
Today just got the chance to opened my parcel, thanks again ya! Secure packaging & it's smells nice.. :) Have a good day! Will come back for more ;)

Sanae Ittsui (14th May 2010)
Hi Sha,
Just opened the parcel from you.. all of them smell really nice + neat packing!
Will definitely come back for more ;)
Thanks, Sha.

yp n (5th May 2010)
Morning Sha!
Sorry, forgot to tell you that the package reached yesterday afternoon. :) Thank you so so so so much!!
Have a nice day, hehe! =D

M. Syahir M. Zaini (5th May 2010)
Hi , Hv just received your item last night . thanks! . its great! =)
farhana (4th May 2010)
sha...i already received VS Body mist tuh last new body mist...

Azura (28th Apr 2010)
hi Sha...
i hv rcvd the bag just now...thnks :-)
quite small for me huhuhu but luv it...

nemosherra (27th Apr 2010)
received the parcel. thank you! it smells great :) do you have any other fragrance product to recommend? i'd be interested in something that smells fresh.

sharyz saleh (17th Apr 2010)
hi sha,received my parcel today..tq :)

Lolitta Suffian (11th Apr 2010)
Hi babe, I got the ring, thanks!
khairunnisa zainal abidin (9th Apr 2010)
i love it! bau lembut sgt...thanks!

suzen haha (8th Apr 2010)
sha....received the parcel today....tqvm

Eileen Lau (7th Apr 2010)
Morning, I received my parcel already. Thanks...

suzen (1st Apr 2010)
dear sha...ive received the parcel yesterday!1thank u...n thanks for offering low price for vs...just wait for another order from me....xoxo...
Nurlina Ismail (30th Mar 2010)
Hi Sha...Received those bags yesterday.Thanks a lot for the free sample..

Y ayaisa (5th Mar 2010)
Hi Sha,I just collected the parcel from post office this morning. Thank you so much for providing an excellent service.
Will def come again. TQ! :)

rafizanur (27th Feb 2010)
Hi sha..
i got the stuff mother in law loves the liz clairborne purse!! Tq..

Kaylea (23rd Feb 2010)
dah dapat! thanx darling~ ;D

Siti (10th Feb 2010)
items received...
im so so so happy...hehehe
thnx dear :)

Ayis (2nd Feb 2010)
Hi Sha :D
Got the accessories today.
I particularly lurrrrve the loops necklace!
Thanks again for your great service.

Have a great week ahead!Cheerios.

Anis (30th Jan 2010)
hi sha! =)
would like to tell you dat id already receive the sweet daydream body it love it love it!! tq sooo much!! =)

JM (30th Jan 2010)
Hey I received the samples this morning...Nicely packed. Thanks a lot and kudos!

Lizs (25th Jan 2010)
dear sha,
i received your parcel safely this morning.thanks so much.will
definitely purchased from you again.

Sue (21st Jan 2010)
i just received my tote bag in good condition.. tq soooo much..lovessss it :)

Shea (18th Jan 2010)
Sha, goods received. love love love! thanks :*

Nadia (18th Jan 2010)
Hi Sha,Get it already!!! Just a few minutes ago!!!!wakaka Thank you.......good packaging.....can't wait to try the VS lotion....

Kiki (6th Jan 2010)
Dear Sha,
I have received the parcel today at 11am, thank u sooo much..three thumbs up!! hihi...

Jasmin (4th Jan 2010)
hey babe i just went to collect the items. thank you so much!
they all smell amazing. :)

Crystal (4th Dec 2009)
hey babe, i got the items 2 days ago, thank u
love the packaging :)

Goo Berg (4th Dec 2009)
Hi Sha, i got the parcels in good shape, nice dealing with you...thanks a lot.

Ainna (25th Nov 2009)
i just received them.. am so excited!!! thank you!!

Intan Safura (21st Nov 2009)
Hi sha,
Juz received my package..tqvm ... efficient service..good packaging :)

Elly Melly (13th Nov 2009)
hye sha, norrul br jer dapat..Victoria's Secret samples tu..tq..mmg puas ati.

Christy (11th Nov 2009)
hi sha,
i received my parcel delivery services ^__^....thanks ya and keep up the good job =)

Sabrina (8th Nov 2009)
Hi there !! internet was down.
Collected the parcel! Thank you !
Nicely wrapped!

Azureen (28th Oct 2009)
hye sha thanks ur d best hehehe
btw ur name is very unique..r u mixed
yeah will defo inform u once ive received d items hehe thx

Ismah (28th Oct 2009)
Hello Sha,
I received the sample today :)
thanks so much. Definitely will buy from u again. (coz ur price is cheaper than other blogs hehehe)

Nurul Iman (22nd Oct 2009)
item arrived!!! tq very much !!! i love it!! your the best :D

Ainna (13th Oct 2009)
hello sharon..
i've just received the bag n balance..

Nadya Garcia (13th Oct 2009)
Dear Sha,
I already received the parcel and 100% satisfied, fully satisfied!!! The packaging was good as well...good luck in your business and have a great day!!!
friendly seller ***** (5 stars, full mark)
fast respond ***** (5stars, full mark)
p/s: will consider to become a returning customer ;p

Nurul Iman (Oct 2 2009)
hi there! item received today.thank you very much! you are the best

Alison (Aug 6 2009)
heylo! Just to inform you that i've received the parcel. I had to search for the postman
bcz when he came to my house i wasn't around. hahah i bet he finds me annoying since i kept
calling him. Anyhoo, thanks! What a great great buy =)

Azureen (Jul 31st 2009)
ive just received d parcel. and very happy wid my purchase. thanks =)

Nurul Munira (Jul 31st 2009)
hi sha, just now i received my item... huhuhu.. thanks sha..i will come back soon..

Maisarah Yusof (Jul 30th 2009)
hi there..
I had received the body butter...
my goodnesss.. I love the fragrance of the delicate petals..
fell in love.. hehe..
thank you for the fast delivery..

Nur Aqilah (29th Jull 2009)
Love yr prompt reply darling! Definitely will come back for more items! Update me ya! Will inform you when items received! Thanx! =)

Diana Chua (29th Jul 2009)
Hi there!
I've received all my items already. However the bags quality is not as great as compared to the last, and the slipper is slightly too big to fit size 6-7. But nevertheless, still love them!
Thanks! :) Is there anywhere I can leave you a good feedback?

Hope to see new VS items from you soon!

Aisyah Sabela (28th Jul 2009)
Great, you received it already! Believe me, i will buy from you everymonth. Thanks!

Aisyah Mahani (Jul 2nd 2009)
Hi,I've received the parcel and it's lovely! :)
I'll be sure to do business with you again. ;)
Thanks Sha!


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